Fermentation bed can effectively increase the reproductive rate of sows

According to reports, the reproduction rate of some large-scale pig farms in China due to breeding barriers has been reduced by as much as 20% to 30%, and the rate of decline of the first-born sows has been higher. Reproductive disorders of sows mainly manifested as infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, and low birth rate, resulting in a decrease in sow reproduction rate, survival rate of piglets, serious economic losses, and directly affecting the economic benefits of pig farms. The factors that cause sow reproductive obstacles are more complex, and environmental factors occupy a significant proportion. Improving the living environment of sow breeding has become an effective method to reduce the phenomenon of sow breeding obstacles, and Jinbao dry fermentation bed has unique advantages in this respect.
1. The environment of the pig house directly affects the reproductive performance of the sow. Especially in summer, if the sow house does not take measures to prevent sunstroke and the ambient temperature is too high, it may easily lead to endocrine disorders in the sow, leading to irregular or no estrus in the sow, and may cause embryonic death, stillbirth, or miscarriage in the sow. The growth of the high temperature-induced reproductive disturbances can be greatly improved by the use of a three-dimensional litter on the surface of the fermentation bed at a constant 20-degree temperature throughout the year. The temperature is close to the optimum temperature for sow production, and the fluctuation is small, which is extremely important for the production of sows.
2. Poor ventilation, high stocking density, air pollution, etc. in the sow house can also affect the reproductive performance of the sow, causing the sows to have irregular estrus, reduced fertility rates, decreased litter size after mating, and increased stillbirth. In the use of gems dry-sweeping fermentation bed while paying attention to the culture density, this situation basically does not appear. The construction of the fermentation bed housing has paid more attention to ventilation, with the addition of floor windows and skylights, and there have been few cases of poor ventilation and air pollution.
3, poor sanitary conditions in sows, especially the delivery room and gestational homes, can easily lead to sow uterine inflammation and lead to decreased sow reproductive performance. A major function of the fermentation bed is to excrete urine, no pollution, and zero emissions. Under a well ventilated condition, there will be no health problems.
In addition to reproductive disorders caused by the above environmental factors, the sow's illness and medication are also important reasons for the decline in the reproductive rate. The use of a fermentation bed also has a preventive effect in this respect. The functional microbes and their secondary metabolites that play a role in the scallop dry fermentation bed have the effect of enhancing the sow's immunity after sow feeding, which greatly reduces the sow's dosage. Details can be consulted: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone toll-free hotline Website: Taobao Website: http://shop35396982.taobao.com

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