Detailed operation of the electric capping machine

Operation method of electric capping machine :

First, the adjustment of the upper arm when rolling different specifications of the bottle:

This machine can be used to roll 5-500ml bottle caps. When using any bottle of any size, just put the bottle of this size on the tray, hold the cross arm with one hand, and loosen the nut on the left side of the cross arm with the other hand. To lower or raise the cross arm until the cap and cap are about 20 mm, tighten the nut, and then use the hex wrench with the belt to tighten the bracket against the cross arm and lock the bracket. (Note: Pay attention to the position of the cap and the cap when tightening.)

Second, the adjustment of the V-shaped branch:

Place the bottle into the lower V-bracket, loosen the two screws on the branch, and move the bottle together with the lower V-block until the position of the cap and the cap is aligned, then the two on the V-block The screws are tightened.

Third, the specific operation method:

1. Place the bottle filled with liquid and put on the lid onto the lower tray, rest on the V-shaped branch, hold the bottle with one hand, and pull the handle backwards with the other hand. At this time, the tray holds the bottle up. Start until the cap is pressed against the cap.

2. After the cap and the capping head are pressed, the caps of the three capping caps that are continuously rotated are rotated several times, and the cap is rolled tightly. (Note) The motor must run clockwise.

3. Push the handle forward so that the lid of the rolled cover returns to the original position with the tray, the whole operation process is completed, and the above operation can be repeated every time a bottle cap is rolled.

Fourth, the adjustment of the rolling head:

The machine is equipped with a plurality of capping heads, which can be selected according to the size of different bottle caps. Try it out before using it in the bottle.

1. If the cover is not tightly rolled, the capping nut can be unscrewed and the upper capping head can be unscrewed in the counterclockwise direction, and then the upper fixing nut is locked.

2, the lid is rolled too tight, there is a phenomenon of rotating the cap. The upper capping lock nut can be unscrewed and screwed clockwise into the upper capping head, and then the upper retaining nut is locked.

3, the bottom of the bottle cap is not tight, the eccentricity of the three rolling heads can be adjusted according to the actual situation. If the collection is too tight, there is a phenomenon of crushing the bottle, and the eccentricity of the three rolling heads can be appropriately adjusted.

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