Those things like "drainage oil"

Those things like "drainage oil" On September 13, 2011, the Ministry of Public Security successfully cracked down on a case of using cooking oil for the production and sale of cooking oil. As a result, "oil waste" once again into the people's attention.

What is it?

Drainage oil refers to all kinds of inferior oils that exist in life. Can be roughly divided into three categories:

1. Narrowly defined waste oil, such as greasy floats in sewers or oil leftovers and leftovers (commonly known as drowning) in hotels and restaurants after simple processing and extraction.

2, poor quality pork, pig viscera, pig skin processing and oil produced after refining.

3. Oils used for fried foods after more than a certain number of times have been reused or re-used with new oils added to them.


Medical research shows that long-term intake of waste oil can cause obvious harm to the human body. At the same time, abdominal pain and diarrhea may lead to developmental disorders, colorectal cancer, and gastric cancer. Since waste oil has such a big danger, why does it continue to occur?

1, the temptation of profiteering, processing the desire to smoke. Only Beijing's regional annual production value reached several hundred million.

2. The production technology of waste oil is high. According to informed sources, “As long as you don’t go into the lab, you can't see what oil is.”

3. The relevant regulatory policies were issued late, and there are loopholes in supervision.

How to do it?

According to Hu Xiaosong, deputy director of the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering at the China Agricultural University, the current waste oil is not yet scientifically distinguishable. However, the Ministry of Science and Technology has set up a special project for this matter. I believe that it will be possible to use scientific means to distinguish the oil soon. Good or bad.

So how can we easily identify "drainage oil" in daily life? Xiao Bian has come to support everyone today, mainly through the senses of people, from the perspective of seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing and asking.

See color look transparency, pure vegetable oil is transparent, due to the mixing of the base resin, wax, and other impurities was transparency decreases during production; see color, pure as a colorless oil, because the oil in the production process of The color of the pigment dissolves in the oil and the oil will be colored. To see the precipitate, the main component is the impurity.

Smell the smell of each oil has its own unique smell. You can drop one or two drops of oil on your palms, rub your hands together, and smell the smell when you're hot. Odorous oil, indicating that the quality of a problem, there is likely to be stinking waste oil; if the smell of mineral oil can not buy.

Taste the taste of chopsticks to take a drop of oil, carefully taste the flavor. The oil with sour taste is unqualified, and the oil with coke and bitterness has been rancid, and the oil with odor may be “drainage oil”.

Listen to the sound of the reservoir bottom to take a drop or two of oil, painted on paper flammable, ignited and listen to its sound. It is a qualified product that burns normally without any noise. If the combustion is abnormal and a “squeaky” sound is produced, the moisture exceeds the standard. The product is unqualified; when it is burnt, an explosion sound of “snaps” is emitted, indicating that the water content of the oil is seriously exceeded, and it is possible. It is an adulterated product that can never be purchased.

Purchase channels asked to ask the business channel, if necessary, ask for the purchase invoice or check the local food hygiene supervision departments sample inspection report.

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