How do women eat to induce body fragrance?

Those women who are tempted with body scent are the object of most women's envy. Many people think that body scent is brought by nature. They do not know that they can also induce body scent by using some dietary conditioning. So, how does a woman get her body scent?

How to obtain fragrant and pleasant body fragrance through the corresponding diet? According to the "Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing" records, the peach can be "a good color." Modern pharmacological studies have shown that the plant hormones extracted from peaches have a special role in inhibiting blood clotting and promoting peripheral blood circulation. The use of peach tea or powder made into the honey into the pill, regular food can make the body emit peach aroma.

In addition, plum blossoms can also be eaten as porridge. After smashing the plum, mix the petals and pickle it up; put the cooked porridge into a small pot and boil it. Add the green onion, a small amount of sesame oil and pepper, and pour it into a thin layer with a small fire. Good plum and plum blossoms can be eaten immediately after cooking. Its color is bright red, its delicious taste, it is lively.

Because almonds contain magnesium, it also has a good effect on beauty. Want to make the body Yun apricot incense, can take apricot flower to the pedicle when the apricot flower is in full bloom. After half a month to remove, add one ounce of licorice per kilogram and 10 pieces of salt mellow into powder. After each meal, boiled with 10 grams of boiled water, the skin can be white and run, emitting almond aroma.

In addition, aloe vera is also edible. Aloe contains a kind of macromolecule glycosides, and the glycosides emit fragrance when they are broken down by the body. Fresh fresh aloe peeled, hot with boiling water, mixed with salt and pepper, sesame oil and other ingredients, Serve salad. Its cool, so it can be anti-inflammatory to the fire. For people with oily skin, it is often beneficial to drink with fresh aloe vera juice or to eat aloe vera.

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