Cherry tomato cutting cutting technique

Cherry tomatoes have a good market because they are cherry-like and taste like tomatoes, satisfying people's curiosity and rich nutrition. Due to the proneness of cherry tomatoes to adventitious roots, cuttings were propagated in the greenhouse in early May and the survival rate was 100%. 1. Prepare intensive cultivation and basal fertilization before cutting the soil. The orientation is parallel to the length of the greenhouse. In general, 10-20 kg of organic fertilizer and 5-6 kg of diammonium phosphate are applied to each sorghum (6 m and 1 m), and 3 cm thick sand is laid after the leveling. 2. Preparation of Greenhouses A layer of shade nets is attached to the outside of the greenhouse, and a shade net is suspended inside to reduce the indoor temperature. Nursery suitable temperature is 20-25 degrees. 3. Selection and treatment of cuttings Cherry tomatoes were selected as Taiwanese Virgin. Select the lateral branches that grow between the leafhoppers, with 1-2 inflorescences also, intercept the top 12-15 cm, remove the upper inflorescence and small lateral branches, in order to reduce nutrient consumption and water evaporation. The 50 branches of the finished shoots were bundled, tied with a string, erected in a basin, and immersed in a base of 2-3 cm with naphthaleneacetic acid at 50 ml/kg, and cutting was performed after 1-1.5 hours. 4. Cuttings and post-insertion management Cuttings spacing 5 cm, spacing 10 cm. Watering after plugging in, the first time to drench, after the small water light pouring or pouring water, with the row with the water, moist soil, there is to reduce the temperature and the role of field temperature. After 7 days, it poured into the lyrics to facilitate long rooting. The shade net can be removed at this time. Plant height above 30 cm can be planted. Excerpt from: 2005.5.18.5 version of "Qinghai Science and Technology News"

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