Summer and Autumn Management of Gastrodia

In the summer and autumn seasons, it is the period during which Tianma enters a period of vigorous growth and maturation. It is also a crucial period for Tianma's production management. If it is improperly managed, it will seriously affect the yield and quality of gastrodin. 1, the gutter drains wet. Gastrodia enters a vigorous growth period, at which time it is necessary to check whether the drainage ditch at the cultivation site has accumulated water and flow. The soil moisture content can be 60-65%. The three months of July, August and September are the maximum period of water demand for Gastrodia elata. During this period, it is necessary to check and clear the drainage ditch in time to avoid accumulation of water. 2, covering moisture, cooling technical measures. The cover is made of hardwood deciduous (leaves, cypresses, sassafras, etc.), grasses, and hairy grasses are the best, and straw, corn stalks, etc. can also be used. 3, weeding and drought. In the summer and autumn seasons, in the event of drought, weeds evaporate a lot of water, further exacerbating the drought, leading to the lack of water in the honey ring material and gastrodia. 4, application of pest control. The prevention and control of gastrodia pests is mainly based on comprehensive prevention and control methods. For example, Sanlao (old material, old Ma, Laozi) is Sanxin (new material, new species of Ma, Xinwozi). If pests such as termites are checked, traps must be taken to kill them. For example, the pine trees are buried near the cultivating groove to induce the termites to kill them with concentrated drugs. 5, increase nutrition and increase production. During the growth of Gastrodia, no nutrition is generally required. In recent years, people have used potato juice to spill into the cultivation points of gastrodia and found that it can increase production by 10-15%.

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