How to prevent cabbage caterpillars, cotton bollworms, and tobacco budworms

The bollworm is mainly harmful to tomato, eggplant, legumes, cabbage, cabbage, etc. It is the main pest of tomato. It uses larvae to feed the buds, flowers, fruits, leaves and buds of tomatoes. The larvae eat green fruits and eat ripe fruits and tender stems when they are old. Flower buds and young fruit are often eaten short, causing rot and shedding, resulting in serious reduction in production. The larvae mainly harm green peppers and tomatoes, and the hazards are the same as that of cotton bollworms. Pieris rapae is a larva of Pieris rapae. It mainly affects cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cabbage, radish, and camellia. Especially like to eat leafless smooth cabbage. The larvae feed on the leaves and can only feed on the leaves before the 2nd instar, leaving a transparent layer of the epidermis; the entire leaf can be eaten after the 3rd instar, but the population is light and the leaves are heavy, affecting the growth and development of the plants and the loss of the heart. . In addition, insect contamination reduces the value of the commodity. The larvae on cabbage can also cause soft rot. (1) Biological control In the hatching period of eggs, 100-200 g of Bt emulsion is sprayed per mu; (2) The chemical control should catch the appropriate period of control. The cotton bollworm and the tobacco budworm should be in the hatching period to the height of the 2nd instar, that is, the larvae have not yet penetrated into the fruit during the period of prevention and treatment. If the 3rd instar larvae have been drilled into the fruit, , it is difficult to control. Pieris should also be controlled before the third instar. Three kinds of pests can be selected: 50% phoxim EC 1000 times, 21% chlorinated EC 6000 times, 2.5% Kungfu EC 5000 times, 2.5% Uranus EC 3000 times, 10% marijuana EC 1500-2000 times Liquid spray, spray once every 7-10 days, even spray 2-3 times.

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