Spring flowering geese goose

Spring is a good season for geese. Brooding geese should master the following technical points.

1. Prepare before entering the chicks. (1) Thoroughly clean the brooding house, playground and surrounding environment, and prepare thermal insulation equipment and interior fences. (2) Thoroughly sterilize housing, sports grounds, feeding troughs, and drinking fountains. Put the cleaned brooding tools into the house, close the doors and windows, fumigate with formalin and potassium permanganate, and thoroughly open the doors and windows after 24 hours. (3) Spread the bedding used for brooding in advance, place drinking water, feeding equipment, guardrails, etc., and prepare the feed. Increase the temperature in the house one day before the start of the larvae and stabilize the temperature in the house at 28-30°C.

2, temperature, humidity requirements. The temperature of the brooding should not be lower than 28°C during the first week of the brooding period, and it should be reduced by 1-2°C per week starting from the second week. Goslings are defrosted at 5-6 weeks of age. The relative humidity in the house is 60-65%, keeping the house clean and dry.

3, ventilation. In the case of ensuring the normal temperature of the pens, proper window ventilation is required to keep the air fresh in the geese. Pay attention to avoid wind damage when ventilating.

4, light. The daily light time is maintained at 16-18 hours.

5. Feeding density. The breeding density of goslings per square meter was 15-20 at 1-7 days, 10-15 at 8-14 days, 10 at 15-21 days, and 6 at 22-30 days. If the conditions for breeding and management are good, the stocking density can be appropriately increased.

6, drink. Place two trays and a drinker in each pen. After 24 hours, the goslings are ready to drink with 0.02% potassium permanganate solution. Later, it can also be used to drink warm water containing 5% sucrose or electrolytic multidimensional.

7, open food. After the goslings start drinking, they can eat. The starter diet can be used with special goslings for goslings, and can also be replaced with broiler chicken compound feeds. At the same time, some green feed can be added. Feeding 7-8 times a day for 1-10 days, feeding 5-6 times a day for 11-20 days, and feeding 4 times a day after 20 days of age. Feed green feed first and then feed concentrate feed. Forage ratio: 1-5 days for 1:1, 6-10 days for 1:2-3, 11-25 days for 1:4-8, 26-30 days for 1:9-12.

8, water and grazing. Goslings are raised to about 10 days of age, and grazing can be started when the weather is fine and the temperature is appropriate. Grazing 2 times a day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon, each time grazing 0.5-1 hours, after the appropriate extension of grazing time with the age, cloudy days should not be grazing. Goslings begin to discharge water around the age of 15 days, and each time in the morning and in the afternoon, the water release time is about 15 minutes. After that, the water release time can be gradually extended, but it is better not to exceed 1 hour.

9, health and disease prevention. Every day, the gossip is cleaned inside and outside the house, and once a week, the goose house and the environment are fully disinfected once. The drinking fountain and the feeding tank are disinfected once a day for two days. The goslings were injected with gosling plague vaccine or gosling tick serum on the same day. Goose paramyxovirus disease was firstly exempted from inactivated vaccines around the age of 15 days, and boosted once after two months. Bacterial diseases of geese were mainly prevented by strengthening the management of feeding and raising the disease resistance of geese. In the feed, sulfa drugs or oxytetracycline can be added for prevention and treatment. Add chlorophenyl hydrazine and other drugs to the feed to prevent coccidiosis in stages.

10, geese feeding and management. Goslings are raised to about one month of age. Grazing should be the main method to reduce the cost of raising the animals. 200-300 only for a group of rotation grazing. Grazing is started around 9:00 am, grazing in the morning for 2-3 hours, and grazing in the afternoon for 3-4 hours. Stop grazing at noon on hot summer days. If grass resources are insufficient, they should be supplemented with appropriate leaves or mixed concentrates.

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normal white garlic


Normal white garlic


4.5cm,5.0cm, 5.5cm, 6.0cm, 6.5cm,7cm and up.

Place of origin

Jinxiang, JiNing, Shandong, China


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Supply period

The whole year

Fresh season: early June to mid September

Cold storage season: September to next June


Class A(suitable to export)


 Loose Packing:

5/6/6.5/7/8/9/10/20KG MESH BAG;
5/6/6.5/7/8/9/10KG CARTON

Small Packing:

120Gx40/4.8KG CTN, 160G*40/6.4KG CTN, 200gx20/4kg CTN  with pallet, 240G*42/10KG CTN , 300G*34/10KG CTN ,400Gx20/8KG CTN, 500Gx20/10KG CARTON, 900Gx10/CTN,1KGx10/10KG CTN,

4P 200G*12/2.4KG BAG,250Gx20/5KG BAG , 300Gx8/2.4 BAG ,

500gx10/5kg MESH BAG,10P 100G*10/8KG BAG,



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-3°- 0°C

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5-7 days after got buyer's deposit

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Qingdao Port of China

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UK, Greece, Poland, Russia, France, Norway, Turkey, U.A.E, Kuwait,

Algiers, Arabia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Canada, America

Normal White Garlic 5.5-6.0Cm

Normal White Garlic 5.5-6.0Cm,Normal Garlic,Clean Fresh Garlic,Dry Normal White Garlic

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