German scientists brewing beer with genetically modifie…

Recently, German scientists have developed a genetically modified yeast that can be used to make foam-rich and long-lasting beer. According to a report in the British "New Scientist" magazine in April, Ulfstadt, a scientist at the Technical University of Berlin in Germany, said that the k ...more

Half-feeding harvesters for double-season rice

Convenient operation, sufficient power, low fuel consumption, only 4-5 yuan per mu oil fee. The performance is stable, the total loss rate is less than 2.5%, which is 1 percentage point lower than that of the full feed harvester. Cutting height can be controlled within 3-15 centimeters, which is co ...more

Cherry tomato cutting cutting technique

Cherry tomatoes have a good market because they are cherry-like and taste like tomatoes, satisfying people's curiosity and rich nutrition. Due to the proneness of cherry tomatoes to adventitious roots, cuttings were propagated in the greenhouse in early May and the survival rate was 100%. 1. Pr ...more

Grape seed oil processing technology

Grapeseed oil is rich in vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and other ingredients, has a unique nutritional and health effects on the human body, is currently the internationally popular high-grade edible oil, expensive. Therefore, grape seed oil can be vigorously developed using grape seeds. With w ...more

Summer and Autumn Management of Gastrodia

In the summer and autumn seasons, it is the period during which Tianma enters a period of vigorous growth and maturation. It is also a crucial period for Tianma's production management. If it is improperly managed, it will seriously affect the yield and quality of gastrodin. 1, the gutter drain ...more

How to prevent cabbage caterpillars, cotton bollworms, …

The bollworm is mainly harmful to tomato, eggplant, legumes, cabbage, cabbage, etc. It is the main pest of tomato. It uses larvae to feed the buds, flowers, fruits, leaves and buds of tomatoes. The larvae eat green fruits and eat ripe fruits and tender stems when they are old. Flower buds and young ...more

Aphrodisiac, seedling cultivation and adult culture tec…

It is one of the famous “Taihu Lake Three Whites”. With the reduction of wild resources and the expansion of market demand, the development of artificial breeding of bonito fish has very good economic benefits. 1. Artificial propagation 1. Collection of parents: In the winter and spring ...more