When meat ducks are best for slaughter

Under normal feeding and management conditions, meat ducks are raised to 6-7 weeks of age, weighing about 3 kg, and can be listed when their feathers are almost uniform. However, the price of meat ducks listed often varies according to market demand in different seasons and different time to market.

When meat ducks meet the listing standards and the market price is higher than the production cost, timely listing can make the duck production profitable and achieve certain economic benefits. Otherwise, it will cause loss of meat duck production. In the case where a certain batch of ducks may be depleted, whether the ducks should be listed on the market in time is an affirmative answer. Meat ducks are living animals. The feed conversion rate in the later stages of production has begun to decrease. The feed conversion rate of meat ducks after the time of market introduction will be lower. An additional day means more production costs for one day, and the loss caused by the end may be Bigger and economically less cost-effective. Before each batch of meat ducks reaches the listing standard, they should start to understand the meat duck market information, such as the price of the near-far market, the quantity of demand, the mode of transportation, etc., in order to formulate the best plan for sales of ducks, including sales time, sales volume , the selling price of the factory price at the time of catching the door, the market price and the transportation method when it is shipped to the market.

When selling as much as possible to achieve the same day of the meat duck to capture the market. Because batch and multiple capture will cause many strong stress to the duck population, it will cause the feed intake of the duck to decrease, weight loss, and affect the economic benefits of the duck. When ducks are slaughtered, duck traders and other professionals are forbidden to enter and enter the duck houses, and should be captured and shipped by the local staff. Because those duck traffickers often come and go between duck farms, it is very likely that they will become communicators of some pathogens. Vehicles and tools used for transporting ducks must be strictly cleaned and disinfected before they enter duck farms and duck houses.


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