The magical effect of propolis in animal husbandry production

Propolis is a gum-like solid substance with Aromatic odor, which is produced by the bees collecting gums from plant scapes and trunks, and mixing them with parotid secretions and beeswax. Propolis has many complex functions such as anti-virus, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-tumor, anti-oxidation, anti-radiation, promotion of tissue regeneration, and enhancement of immunity. Therefore, propolis is popular in animal husbandry production.

1, enhance immune function, protect the health of the body. The test proved that the chicken E. coli multivalent propolis inactivated vaccine prepared with propolis as adjuvant has safe use, good immunity effect, 100% protection rate and 6 months immunization period. After the immunization, the chicken group gains weight and accelerates. Rise, morbidity and mortality are reduced. The inactivated cholera propolis vaccine produced by using propolis as an immunopotentiator has no local swelling, pain, necrosis, etc. after immunization of chickens, ducks and geese over 2 months of age. The 80% protection rate reached 100% on the 7th day.

2. When diarrhea, enteritis, and diarrhea occur in cattle, horses and pigs, 3 grams of propolis is used for every 10 kilograms of body weight. The curative effect is about 90%, and the time and cost are saved. There is no side effect, and the appetite of diseased animals is restored. Fast, good growth and development.

3. When chicken typhoid and chicken leek occur, mix the propolis with rice bran and mix it in the thick rice soup. Feed it once a day in the morning and in the evening. Or grab the chicken and feed it directly into the propolis. 1 gram per chicken, 1 time per day If you feed for 3-5 days, you can be cured.

4, with 15% or 20% propolis ointment, wrapped duckling umbilical cord, 3 days umbilical cord scab off more and more.

5, cows postpartum acute endometritis, can be used 1 grams of propolis, quetiapine sulfur salt, cocoa butter 5 grams, made of suppository, stuffed in the cow vagina, uterus, once a day, 5-7 days after the recovery Normal, trichomoniasis disappeared, the cure rate was 100%.

6, treatment of livestock and poultry burns, can be used 1 propolis, soaked in 5 copies of 95% alcohol, 7 days after the slag, and then apply liquid sterilized gauze dipped in burns, light 1 times, weigh 2-3 times Jiyu No Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection.

7. Add 1 part of propolis crushed powder to chickens in 10 chicken feeds to increase chick weight by 20%.

8, using propolis 50 grams, mixed in 100 ml of milk to feed piglets, weight gain 1 times than feeding the general feed, and piglets good appetite, smooth bristles, its immunity to disease increased greatly.

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