Shelter Vegetable Cultivation Technology

With the promotion and popularization of greenhouses and greenhouse vegetable cultivation techniques, land utilization has greatly improved. At the same time, due to repeated cropping, the hazards of some soil-borne diseases are also aggravated. In order to solve this problem, the grafting technology of vegetables imported from Japan has been adopted. After many years of scientific experiments, we have successfully developed a vegetable grafting technology and rootstock varieties suitable for China's climatic conditions and production levels. At present, the technology has been promoted and applied in some parts of the country.
First, the benefits of vegetable grafting
1, the incidence rate is low. The probability of soil-borne diseases such as wilt disease, blight, and verticillium wilt in grafted solanaceous fruit dropped from 30-40% of ungrafted to 2%, which completely solved the problem that solanaceous fruits could not be replanted for thousands of years. Puzzles.
2. The fruit quality has been significantly improved. Due to fewer diseases, the application of pesticides has been greatly reduced, the plants have grown robustly, and the fruits are large, well-shaped and pure, and are truly green and safe pollution-free agricultural products.
3, production doubled. After solanaceous fruit grafting, the deep rooted leaves, plant tall, disease-resistant, drought-resistant, low temperature resistance, thinning ability greatly improved. The general result period is extended by about one month, the eggplant output is increased by 1 to 2 times, and the net income per mu is doubled.
4, save labor and save costs. The use of vegetables for grafting does not require dredging, saving land resources. The technology is easy to learn and easy to use.
Second, vegetable grafting technical points
1. The selection of rootstocks and scions and seedling culture should select excellent varieties of rootstocks and scions. Such as Totosga, No.1 and No.2 of Shengzheng. Rootstock purchases are 10% more than scions. First sowing the rootstock (usually 5 to 7 days in advance), until the rootstock seedlings broadcast after the scion. Seedbed soil should be loose and breathable, complete nutrients, no pests. The temperature is not lower than 15°C and the temperature is around 30°C.
2. Grafting time and method When the rootstock emerges with true leaves and one leaf, the scion exposes the cotyledons when they are grafted. The broadcast or docking method is generally used. Specific practice: in the rootstock above the cotyledon section with a blade to remove the growing point, with a bamboo stick down oblique insertion of the embryonic axis, temporarily not pull out; select the appropriate scion, with a knife from the cotyledon node, leaving about 1.5 cm, oblique embryo axis Wide face, cut about 0.5 centimeters. After the scion is cut, pull out the bamboo stick on the rootstock and insert the scion into the hole opened by the bamboo stick immediately. Stabilize it and fix it with a graft clip or film. Grafted seedlings are transplanted into nutrient bowls.
3. Grafting seedlings management The grafted seedlings in the nutrition seedlings are kept moist and sheltered with a small arch shelter. The temperature should be kept at about 30°C. During the day, they must be kept away from the sun. At night, they must be kept warm and the humidity should be maintained at about 95%. A week or so grafted seedlings survived, gradually ventilated light and hardening seedlings. If grafted seedlings are grafted to survive, grafting adventitious roots should be promptly removed.
4, grafted seedlings grafted seedlings survived for about two weeks, the normal growth of seedlings can be planted. As the roots of grafted plants are well-developed and grow fast, the requirements for fertilizer and water are high, and timely fertilization and irrigation should be paid attention to.
This technology is applicable not only to solanaceous vegetables, but also to vegetables such as watermelon, melon and cucumber.

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