Rationally preparing the piglet's intestinal health

In modern swine production, piglets are generally weaned at 21 days or 28 days of age. At this time, the intestine is not yet fully developed. The weaning piglets and the subsequent piglet nursery materials after weaning need to be reasonably prepared through certain technical means. Promote the intestinal health of piglets, reduce the occurrence of diarrhea and other diseases, promote the growth and development of piglets. Feed formulation techniques for improving the intestinal health of piglets are mainly achieved by adding specific feed ingredients and/or additives and improving feed processing methods. Its technical essentials:

1 Selection of piglet raw materials: Given that piglets' intestinal enzymes are not well developed, it is appropriate to use medium- and short-chain fatty acids, such as soybean oil, and consider adding emulsifiers where conditions permit. Soybeans contain certain anti-nutritional factors that can easily cause diarrhea in piglets. Therefore, to use well-processed soy protein, such as concentrated soy protein, fermented soybean meal, if you use ordinary pods, you must use peeled, and should be limited, the amount of teaching materials and transition materials in 5% to 8% is more appropriate . In addition, spray dried plasma protein powder and intestinal membrane protein powder are the preferred protein sources for suckling pigs.

2 Select Feed Additives to Improve Pig's Intestinal Health: There are many feed additives that can be used to promote digestion and absorption in piglets, reduce diarrhea, improve intestinal chorionic length and crypt depth, and promote intestinal health. For example, a variety of single enzyme and complex enzyme preparations, probiotics, prebiotics, acidifiers, glutamine and drug additives (antibiotics and zinc oxide) and so on.

3 feed processing technology to improve the intestinal health of piglets: feed and raw material processing technology will also have an impact on intestinal health of piglets. Generally speaking, it is a good practice to prepare raw materials after aging and then feed them, or to perform secondary puffing and granulation, and use warm water to feed the young piglets into porridge. It would be a good practice to reduce the intestinal passages of piglets. Affected by stress, thereby improving intestinal health.

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