Prevention and treatment of apple diseases

The purpose of implementing pollution-free control of apple pests and diseases is to prevent the pesticide residues in products from exceeding the national standards when applying non-pollutant pesticides by means of cultivation measures, physical control, biological control, and the use of low-toxicity and less-polluted pesticides in the prevention and control of pests and diseases. Should master the principles of economy, safety, and effectiveness, pay attention to the following issues: 1 Do a good job of medication before bagging. During the pre-bagging period, many pests began to harm, the insects were orderly and weakly resistant, and the fruits were susceptible to disease. It was the most critical period for the prevention and control of pests and diseases throughout the year. Compatible, effective pesticides, minimize the use of new drugs, because the "new", the drug is not necessarily new, more than one drug, changing the drug is not quite the phenomenon of the equivalent Wu Wu is currently commonly used pollution-free pesticides are: prevention of ring rotten The pathogens include carbendazim, jinggangmycin, thiophanate-methyl, chlorothalonil, etc., protective agent mancozeb (best for M-45, etc.) and iprodione (for promethazine). ) Fumei Shuang, Tuezote and Bordeaux mixture, etc.: Phosphoro-aluminum (ineffective for rotten fruit) to prevent red spots and black spot disease, mancozeb (Dasheng, Phoebe, etc.), Polaroid (multiple antibiotics) , polyoxymethylene), Bordeaux mixture, tetromycin, chlorothalonil, and iprodione (promethine), etc.: chlorpyrifos to control leaf-feeding fruit pests such as apple leaf roller moth, cotton bollworm and peach borer Spimben can also control cotton, cottonseed mealybugs and green-letter ticks) diaziphos (Agriculture) BT bio-insecticide, methomyl (Wan Ling) and chrysanthemum ( Cypermethrin, etc.): Abamectin, triazotin, for control of red spider mites, red spider mites, and two-spotted spider mites (white spiders): The spraying time of diflubenzuron, zelluzole, etc. for the control of gold leaf miner is Spray 1 flower before opening and 2 or 3 sprays after flowering. Net scavengers plus chlorbenzuron plus larvae before flowering. 2.8 times after flowering. Gallos Benben, without serious and frequent rainfall, can increase the frequency of inhalation of bactericidal agents.2 Reduce the use of drug species.Two or more drugs can be used without using one drug. , K. grandis, L. lucidum, L. bracteatum, H. armigera, and P. rosenbergii: Mancozeb, acetaminophen, and Bordeaux mixture can both prevent rot disease rot and prevent red spot black spot disease: Avi Bacterin can control both spider mites and white spiders. It can effectively control two or more pests or diseases with one kind of pesticide. No need to add other pesticides, otherwise it will increase the production cost, and misuse will occur. Pharmacy damages are not worth the candle. 3 Choose reliable pesticides in the above-mentioned pharmaceuticals, import pesticides and The quality of brand-name pesticides of large-scale manufacturers is reliable, and insecticides in production are ineffective, and after use, defoliation, fruit dropping, and even phytotoxicity occur, which are basically caused by counterfeit and inferior pesticides produced by small manufacturers. After the bag was sprayed with 3 times of Bordeaux fluid protection, there were fleas after 7.8 months, and then carbendazim, polyoxin, avermectin, etc. were absorbed. After September, the drug was no longer used. Spraying 8 times can be used to prevent and control insects, and pollution can also be reduced.Qingyuan Qingshu is an effective cultivation measure for reducing pathogens and preventing the epidemic of diseases and insect pests. It has been neglected by the majority of farmers in recent years and should be highly valued. After defoliation and before germination, the litter, disease and dead fruit, dead tissue, and diseased neoplasia in the garden are cleaned and treated. Attention must be paid to cleanliness, no dead corners are left, and disease-causing neoplasms are to be treated before scraping. Spray a low-toxic and effective 5Be lime sulfur mixture and apply rot, silver, and other biological pesticides to rot disease.

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