Pesticide-free selection - HB-101

Effect of HB-101 on plants

1. Vitality effect (leaf)
The growth conditions of pet plants are the full existence of the sun (sunlight), the atmosphere (carbon C, oxygen O, water, soil/soil = inorganic matter, soil microorganisms). If the balance of these conditions is destroyed, the plant cannot develop and grow normally. Plants absorb sunlight and carbon (C) through the leaves and synthesize them as sugars (photosynthetic). So long as the Fuquan HB-101 is sprayed with foliar and sprinkler irrigation soil, it is effectively and well phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) from the soil. Absorption promotes the activation of foliar cells and promotes the effect of photosynthesis. The reason is that the water absorbed from the root is well-balanced with the phosphorus and nitrogen of the fertilizer and the cell liquid such as calcium (calcium) sodium (sodium ion) in Fuquan HB-101, and the cells are activated. (Strong), its effect of light synthesis has been fully exerted. Using the principle of nature's photosynthesis effect, the leaves can always grow green and sound.
2. Vitality effect (stem, root)
The sharing of pet leaves and roots is based on the transfer of water and fertilizers. However, in the normal growth of leaves, it is impossible to establish without a sound root. However, water and nutrients (mainly calcium) are indispensable during the growth of stems and roots. Various inorganic substances such as potassium (K) do not absorb only by the presence of solids, and these inorganic substances are eaten by microorganisms in the soil to form ions (completely dissolved inorganic matter in water) that are easily absorbed by the roots of plants. If the soil microorganisms are not activated, the roots cannot grow well. As long as the Fuquan HB-101 sprinkling irrigation soil is used, the soil microorganisms can be activated and the balance of various microorganisms (beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria) can be maintained. Fuquan HB-101 is a solution that is dissolved with most inorganic ions. Because it absorbs inorganic water from the root, it can absorb nutrients without resistance. As a result, roots are well-developed and store energy such as sufficient sugar. In addition, there is plant ingredient (water, inorganic substance/ion) and abundant herb ingredient of oxygen for microbial supply in Fuchu HB-101.
3. The effect of good soil practices The high-quality pet soil is soil that contains moderate moisture and air, like a sponge, and has a very good hydrophobic effect even after the rain. In the condition of continuing sunshine, we can maintain suitable humidity. It is better if the soil is neutral or weakly acidic. If these conditions are met, the soil microorganisms can be well balanced. However, due to the spread of acid rain and pesticides, due to the obstacles of seasonal cultivation, etc., the deterioration of soil conditions and the inability of microbes to survive and reproduce are also adversely affected. If you want to change the soil into a benign soil, you must spray Fuquan HB-101 to reproduce the microbes and ensure the balance of the microbes (go back to the natural state). In this way, the soil will be revived.
4. Impact on Pernicious Encounters Pet Fuquan HB-101 product, prior to introduction, told us that this product is a pure natural plant nutrient liquid that is safe to animals and plants. However, it is not an insecticide that kills pests. The pests use plant stems and nutrients as food prey. The plant has the ability to protect itself from the enemy's immunity (a bactericidal effect of a volatile aromatic substance). However, if the plants themselves are unhealthy, their immunity will decline. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently spray Fuquan HB-101 to enhance its vitality. In addition, Fuchun HB-101 nutrient solution contains a special ingredient in vegetable fat, which is the effect of deworming. Fuquan HB-101 has the power to ensure the plant's immunity and ability to repel insects. Therefore, it can withstand damage from hostile plants.
5. Conclusion Fuquan HB-101, refined from the effective ingredients of pet extraction plants, was recognized by the bioengineering industry as the source of plant nutrition—plant blood. For example: Take it to animals is blood. The blood contains all the nutrients of the animal, nutrients and immunity of the cells, and essential components such as strong bones. And for plants, it has the instinct to protect itself from the sound growth of plants and from the enemy, and it also has the ability to improve its natural recovery. If the plants themselves are made healthy, without the use of pesticides, chemical synthetic fertilizers, etc., it is entirely possible to realize organic cultivation. That is the decisive choice to use the pure natural product, Fuquan HB-101, to cultivate healthy plants and pesticide-free organic agricultural products. Human society creates a healthy, green environment.

Why is HB-101 effective for plants? Commentator: Professor Kenichiro Keiyama

The trees (cedar, coriander, pine) and grasses (Planta plants) are used as raw materials, extracted from them by special methods and refined, and then mixed.
Fir, Sassafras and Pinus have powerful static bacteria (antibacterial, antibacterial) power, and they are also trees that maintain long-term vitality. Moreover, in its sap, it has a nutritional component that can maintain a great body dryness and has not been attacked by foreign enemies. It is known as a herbaceous plant.
HB-101 contains vitamin E and dozens of natural amino acids that are resistant to plant aging, debilitating, oxidizing, and prolonging the freshness of plants!


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