Medicinal value and artificial breeding methods of earthworms

Radon is a kind of commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, which has the function of hurricane, panic, anti-cancer and detoxification. The dry insects are used as medicines to treat pediatric epilepsy wind, umbilical cord wind, oral sputum, erysipelas, bald sore, tetanus, whooping cough, sputum, tuberculosis, malaria mass, sore swollen blood, wind blows, sputum leakage, scald Snake wound embolism. In the past, it was mainly based on the capture of wild eels, and artificial breeding has now begun.

First, the choice of species There are many types of cockroaches, which are divided into Chinese wolfberry, Susan, multi-spindlefish, Korean cockroach, mold spine, and small spine. According to relevant information, small spines are suitable for breeding in Guangdong, and their yield is also high. They account for more than 99% of all medicinal crickets in the country and are a good type of artificial breeding.

Second, living habits are nocturnal, visually dull, and sensitive to hearing. It inhabits damp, old ground and is active between rotten wood, rocks, and rubble. According to relevant department surveys and feeding trials, the suitable growth temperature for small spines is 25-32°C. More growth in the hilly area, the general elevation does not exceed 500 meters. Each year, about 10 to 11 months of the year, he hibernates in the ground, crouching in the soil that is 10 to 12 cm deep from the ground, and winters. After the “convulsions” in the coming year, he resumes activities, and he feeds at about 20°C.

Third, the wild aquaculture can be in the wild mountainous areas to dig a long ditch, put cattle dung, chicken feathers, garbage, broken bricks, overlying loose soil, to breed grasshoppers and other insects. Surrounding grass should be reserved for eating. When smelling chicken feathers, they go to the ditch to breed eggs. Every 3 weeks or so, you can open the groove and capture it once. After catching, add some fresh chicken feathers, cow dung, garbage, etc., and cover the fine soil to continue breeding and catching. It is also possible to bury some chicken feathers, garbage, etc. in the forest after the fall to induce the litter to breed.

Draw a round or square pool with a volume of 1 to 2 cubic meters in the pond, paint with cement around, and open a small door at the center of the pool. As a feed port, install glass on both sides of the small door for easy observation. Ventilation openings shall be provided to cover the escape screen with a screen window, and a clam block with a thickness of 33 cm and gaps shall be placed at the bottom of the pool to facilitate hibernation. The above blocks are regularly stacked with bricks and tiles, and the gaps between the tiles are large enough to accommodate spawning and hatching. When hibernating into the soil, the temperature in the pool must be kept above 5°C to prevent it from being frozen.
Feeding food to insects, tender grass, molluscs, can be placed in earthworms, earthworms, earthworms, greenworms, cockroaches, worms and butterflies.蜈蚣 Poor predation, and it is advisable to feed dead food. Fresh food can be fed daily at 5pm. Larvae feed on meat and insect juices. It is strictly forbidden to stack pesticides next to the breeding ground. Feeding feed should be fresh, and residual food should be promptly removed.

Fifth, capturing and processing the catching clams generally takes place between March and April of each year, and the quality of catching, especially from the convulsions to the Ching Ming, is better. During processing, the tail must be cut open to excrete intestinal feces and eggs. When catching, you should hold bamboo chopsticks to pick them up and put them into prepared bamboo baskets. If you catch them, you will be bitten by a bite, and you will not need to fear. In the absence of antidotes, squeeze the bite by hand to make The venom does not diffuse into the subcutaneous tissue. If snails or cockroaches can be found, apply the mucus to the bite, or use mulberry juice, salt, or garlic.
After catching the cockroach, it is first hot-simmered with boiling water, and then the thin bamboo pieces with the same length and width as the cocoons and sharpened ends are taken. One end is pierced into the lower jaw, and the other end is inserted into the upper end of the tail. The bamboo stretches the elasticity to stretch it. Straight, with 5 to 10 rows in a row, with thin bamboo clips. Then use a heat source such as sunlight, stove or charcoal pot to dry, then grade and sell it according to individual size.

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