High-yielding method for greenhouse loofah

First, the choice of species. Shed gourd should use strong growth, cold-resistant, adaptable varieties, such as cylindrical gourd. Second, soil preparation and fertilization. Combine ploughing before planting, and use 5000 kg of high-quality stubborn manure in Mushi. After leveling and ploughing, plant a ditch along the planting line and apply 50 kg of calcium phosphate, 25 kg of potassium sulfate, or 100 kg of cooked cake fat to each mu; then, seal the ditch. Rigging, ready for planting. Third, sowing time and cultivation methods. Shed loofah can be broadcast live in mid-October, but also transplanting seedlings. Cultivation methods generally use ridge size planting, large spacing 70 cm, small row spacing 60 cm, 30 cm spacing, 3400 per mu. Fourth, sowing, nursery. Before sowing, soaking in warm water of 50-60°C for 10 minutes, soaking for 24 hours after cooling, removing and preserving with 28-32°C placed in mixed cloth, washing once a day with fresh water, and sowing until the seeds are mostly exposed. When sowing, planted water first, after sowing, cover soil 1.5 cm, live field can be open sowed in the ridge on both sides of the back, 3-4 days of seedlings can be unearthed. When the seedlings grow to 1-2 true leaves, the seedlings in the direct seeding field can be transplanted, and transplanting can be carried out in the planting field, leaving only one strong seedling per hole. V. Shed management. 1, adjust the temperature and light. Loofahs require higher temperatures throughout the growing season. The optimal temperature for growth is 20-24°C, the optimal temperature for fruit development is 24-28°C, and the growth is slow at about 15°C, and growth is inhibited below 10°C. In management, the temperature in the greenhouse during the day is maintained at 25-30°C, and it is maintained at around 18°C ​​during the night. Before the loofah is pumped, the sunshine duration can be appropriately controlled by grasshoppers to promote stem and leaf growth and female flower differentiation. In the fruiting period of the flowering, open the grasshopper timely and make full use of sunlight to increase the temperature. 2, timely watering fertilizer. Loofah seedling stage water demand is not large, visual lyrical suitable for small water 1-2 times, when the vine grows to about 5 cm, combined with re-cultivation, top-dressing potassium dihydrogen phosphate per acre 30 kg, pouring water once. After the flowering result, the water is poured once every 7-8 days, while applying 5 kg urea per acre. 3. Arrange vines and plant adjustments. The length of stems of loofahs is up to 7-8 meters. When they grow to 25 centimeters, they need to be racked. In order to reduce the space occupied by the poles and shade, wire ropes or nylon ropes are generally used to fasten the brackets on the greenhouse to form a single row of vertical racks. The tops do not cross, and the original row spacing and density are vertically directed upwards. After vines are placed on the shelves, each 4-5 leaves are tied once and the “S” shape binding method can be used. 4, preserved fruit. With 2.4-4D paint, flowering can be reduced, significantly improving the fruit setting rate. When the temperature is high, the concentration is 2010-6, and when the temperature is low, 3010-6 is used. It can be applied to the stigmas of the female flowers and the base of the corolla with a brush pen, and it can also be dip in the liquid directly. The application time should be around 8 am. 5, pest control. The main diseases of loofah include anthracnose, epidemic disease, and gray mold. It can be controlled by carbendazim, chlorothalonil, polymyxin and other pesticides. Insect pests mainly include melons and whiteflies, and they can be used for prevention and treatment of fishvine extracts and broomworms.

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