Greenhouse vegetable nursery notes

1. Seed Disinfection: Reasonable seed disinfection can kill germs that adhere to the surface of the seed and that are partially lurking inside the seed. It can be used for seed dressing with 3000 times solution or soaking with warm water at 55-60°C.

2. Seed germination: After sterilization, soak it in warm water below 30°C for about 8 hours, then clean it again and put it into a gauze bag, germinate and turn it regularly at 25-30°C. Clean it every other day to ensure humidity and make it germinate neatly.

3, bed soil disinfection: sterilized Wei 2000 times per square meter or 1500 times the spirit of pure soil Ling, evenly sprayed in the bed. Nematode insecticides such as rice bran should be applied to plots with root knot nematode disease.

4, rational fertilization: cultivating strong seedlings, should be enough to apply at the end of the basic fertilizer, generally 80-120 kg per compound fertilizer.

5, temperature and humidity control: pouring enough water when sowing, seedling period to avoid further watering, seedling temperature control at 24-30 °C, the emergence of fast and homogeneous.

6. Pest control: The main diseases in the seedling stage include blight, anthrax, damping-off, gray mold, and roots. (Hubei Dangyang Agricultural 110 Service Center)

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