Greenhouse tomatoes fall and fall?

Tomatoes are a kind of thermophilic vegetables that are neither cold nor heat tolerant. Its normal flowering results can be 15 ~ 33 °C, the most suitable temperature, during the day 25 ~ 28 °C, 15 ~ 17 °C at night, below 15 °C when most tomato varieties can not be normal results, the night temperature is higher than 22 °C or If the daytime temperature is higher than 35°C, the drop and drop will be quite serious. In addition, tomato nutrition overgrowth, lack of light and fertilizer, can also cause flower drop.

The phenomenon of tomato drop and fruit drop is more common in production, especially in the greenhouse sheds covered by film in early spring. Since the colonization is earlier, the first and second inflorescences of tomatoes are in cold season during cold season, and the drop and fruit drop is more serious. In order to increase the fruit setting rate, in addition to trying to increase the temperature inside the greenhouse, plant growth regulators, namely chlorophenoxyacetic acid (also known as tomato spirit, anti-dropping hormone), can be used to obtain better results. The specific method is: First dissolve the chlorophenoxyacetic acid with 95% alcohol or 60 degree sorghum liquor, then add water to make a tomato essence solution with a concentration of 30-50 mg/l. When the tomatoes have three or four flowers per sequence, hold the small sprayer in the right hand, and infuse the inflorescence in the left hand. Do not spray the liquid on the leaves as far as possible to avoid phytotoxicity. Spray the drug once a week.


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