Five tricks to identify fresh eggs

A look: The egg shell is relatively rough, with a layer of frost-like powder, bright color; egg shell is relatively smooth, the shell of the rotten egg is black, there is oil on the shell.

Listen to the two: gently shake the egg in the ear, good egg sound, bad sound is different.

Three shots: Hold eggs in both hands as a tube, facing the sunlight or light perspective, good eggs are reddish, translucent, clear outline of the egg yolk.

Four turns: Put the egg on the plane and gently turn it by hand. When the fresh egg turns, there will be resistance in the eggshell. It will stop for two or three weeks. The bad egg will be transferred for a long time and fast. If the egg turns slowly, it is not slow. It proves that it is not fresh enough.

Five drifts: put the egg in salt water, sink into the bottom of the egg; big head up, head down, semi-semi-floating is Chen egg; rotten eggs are floating on the surface.

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