Fall attention to control the big green leafhopper

Daqingyeye, also known as the green leafy fleas, big green floating dust. At the end of autumn, adults lay their wintering eggs in the cortex of apple, pear, peach, apricot and other fruit branches. When the damage is severe, they can cause the branches to lose water and die. Saplings are vulnerable. Its prevention and control methods are:

1. Apply a whitening agent on the shoots before the adult eggs are laid in the fall to prevent the adults from spawning. The preparation method of whitening agent is: take 10 parts of quicklime, 2 parts of lime sulfur, salt and clay, 40 parts of water, add a small amount of pesticide. White areas are mainly sapling stems and branches.

2. According to the adult phototaxis characteristics, black light traps can be set in the park.

3. The saplings that can be immersed in cold soil will be buried in cold in time after falling leaves, and artificially sterilized in the following year.

4. Because the insects were transferred to cabbages, radishes, and other cruciferous vegetables for damage in late autumn, they did not plant cruciferous crops in the saplings. If they had been intercropped, they must be harvested before the end of September.

5. In the adult spawning period, insecticides are sprayed to kill the adults. Can use 50% dichlorvos emulsion 1000 times, or 50% phoxim 1000 times and other control.

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