Eight nutritional black cuisine

Wumei smells sweet and pleasant.

After simmering for 40 minutes, add sweet-scented osmanthus, cool the sugar, and then become osmanthus ebony juice. Ukrainian juice, fragrant smell sweet and pleasant.

Dried ebony pharmacies are available for sale. Pay attention to a small fire when cooking, sweet-scented osmanthus should be put back. Soak ebony for an hour before cooking. This saves time and gas. Osmanthus fragrans berry juice, contains a variety of vitamins B, C, E, acid, citric acid, iron, phosphorus, etc., when you drink you will feel sour Roufang, irritability can drink, will make you mouth fluid filling, Black hair, youthful glow. Drinking more in the fall will cause you to go to the fire and keep your breath. It is the favorite hairdressing product for today's fashion girls.

Black mulberry can be made into mulberry pudding, mulberry cake, mulberry fruit salad and so on.

Sour and sour taste, more food can make your eyes bright, hair dense. However, the character is a little bit cold, girls should pay attention to eat less when they come to vacation, in order to prevent excessive cold, stomach pain. The ancients who had eaten it once said: "Eat, it is fat, skin, black hair, solid gas."

Black plums can be used to make a variety of fruit platters, desserts, jams.

Frequently eating some black plums after a meal can quietly heal your scalp itching, hair loss, and crumbs. The plums of various colors basically have the characteristics of sweet and soft taste, very good taste, containing a large number of free amino acids, proteins, cellulose and so on. Chinese medicine practitioners in China believe that it can "clear the liver and remove heat, activate blood and produce sperm."

Raspberry can be made into jam or pudding.

Sweet and sour taste, Qi kidney, both men and women share. "Doctors don't record" said it "strong yin and yang, Yueze skin, peace and five internal organs, mild Qi, treatment of loss of qi deficiency, Bugan eyesight." If the supermarket was not at that time, you can buy some raspberry sauce made Your favorite snacks.

Black bean black beans blood moisturizing.

Black beans cooked with salt, as a snack, can be a good kidney to raise hair.

Modern medicine proves that black beans are rich in nutrient hormones, which can make people's skin elastic and reduce the function of pigmentation. Long-term consumption can improve hair function, make hair black and dense, and fair complexion. The ancients believed that the bean is the valley of the kidney. Its image is kidney, and the color and kidney color are the same. Some people have tried to eat a dozen black beans a day and they will always be old. Therefore, black beans have a strong kidney and kidney function.

Black rice black rice cooking, rich muscle hair.

You can use black rice to make black rice mutton rice, black rice stew chicken (when you stew chicken, put more soup, semi-cooked black rice will be stewed together, cooked very well), black rice. Decoction and so on, if you use black rice and red beans, lotus seeds, peanuts, sweet-scented osmanthus together porridge, not only taste sweet, there is a strong liver and kidney, rich muscle moisturizing effect.

Black sesame can be used with a variety of snacks, dishes made into a variety of food, you can also crush and salt after fry, breakfast porridge is also very tasty. It is a famous nourishing product, containing many types of sugar, lecithin, sesamin, sesamol, calcium magnesium, protein, etc. It is said that Shennong Bencaojing can “beat the atmosphere, grow muscles, and moisturize the skin.”

Black fungus can be made of fungus fruit pie, fungus cake tincture, fungus red dates tincture, fungus duck duck, hot and sour fungus soup.

Fungus can phlegm, Qi Qi Yi Zhi, dry nourishing, nourishing hair, blood and stomach, more importantly, can clear your body of all kinds of toxic garbage!

Sea cucumber sea cucumber is good for health and can make a variety of delicious food.

Contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, chondroitin sulfate, protein, fat, wolfberry, etc., dry and salty taste, can make you dark hair, nourishing and emollient, qi and blood, kidney essence.

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