Drink 6 anti-aging drinks daily

Drink drinks and learn big. The latest article published in the U.S. "Yourself" magazine summarizes six scientifically proven anti-aging drinks. Corresponding to drinking different beverages at different times of the day, it can effectively fight against aging and keep young.

1. Get a glass of water in the morning. According to Dr. David Bank, a dermatologist in New York, USA, drinking water after getting up can effectively replenish body fluids, eliminate fatigue and keep skin smooth and elastic.

2. Drink coffee for breakfast. A number of studies have shown that breakfast coffee not only refreshes but also contributes to heart health. Coffee can also speed up metabolism and reduce certain cancer risks.

3. Drink green tea for lunch. Dr. Jonathan Cole, medical director of the California Institute of Health and Longevity, said that green tea promotes metabolism and helps prevent breast cancer. University of Western Australia study found that black tea helps lower blood pressure.

4. Drink cocoa in the afternoon. A Cornell University study found that hot cocoa has more antioxidants than coffee, red wine, and green tea. Cocoa contributes to heart health and skin health.

5. Red wine for dinner. A new study published in the Journal of Biochemistry shows that after drinking red wine, the white paclitaxel produced in the body helps prevent the growth of fat cells and prevent fat gain.

6. Drink milk before going to bed. Drink milk before going to bed, calcium is good for strong bones, and protein helps muscle health. After I wake up, my body is stronger.

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