Cement pool fresh corn

Cement ponds are used to preserve corn cobs, which are effective and easy to manage. The cost per rod is less than 0.1 yuan, and they are sold or processed during the off-season. They have a good market, high profits, and significant value added. The specific technologies are described as follows: 1. The standard for pool construction: the cement pool should be It is built on a flat and open terrain with convenient transportation. Its size should be determined by the number of corn cobs. Generally, a pool of 2 meters in length, width and height can store approximately 2,500 kilograms of preserved corn on the cob. The concrete pool is made of bricks on the four sides and the bottom. The walls are covered with cement and all are covered with white glazed tiles. Leave a drainage hole at the bottom of the pool, and build it to a height of about 50 cm above the ground to prevent sediment from entering the pool. 2, Raw Material formula: tender corn cobs, salt, sodium benzene potassium (or potassium sorbate), white sugar, edible flavors, sugar (the latter three kinds of raw materials for the processing of corn sticks used for sale). 3. Select the rods: Select milk sticks with no insects, no disease, uniform stick size, and tender and full kernels. Remove the filaments of the temporal lobe and the ear, and rinse with clean water. 4, precooking: The corn on the 80-95 degrees Celsius hot water boiling hot 2-3 minutes, immediately after boiling hot, remove, into the continuous flow of water for cooling, cooling to rod temperature of 20- 25 degrees Celsius can be. 5, into the pool salt storage: The cooled corn cob slightly dried, immersed in the marinade for storage. Preparation of salting: The salt is formulated as a 20% solution, boiled, filtered and then clarified for later use. Then add 5% preservative sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate to the salt solution. The weight ratio of corn cob to salt water is about 6:4. Note that the mouth of the pool must be tight. 6, turn pool: 35-40 days after pickling, the cover will be opened, with a long bamboo raft in the pool repeatedly stirred until some of the unfavorable storage of the smell after sealing the pool can be. 7, change the water: turn the pool about 20 days should change the water, remove the corn on the cob, drain the pool water from the drain hole in the pool, and then inject 10% salt solution water, corn sticks can be fresh to the off-season processing and sale.

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