Bull rope

Bulls and sheepskins are not a knife, no bleeding, no seasons, regardless of age, with only one needle ligatured spermatic cord, resulting in testicular necrosis, dry, solid, to achieve the purpose of castration, Jane Cheap castration surgery, no postoperative infection, no sequelae, no need for special care, normal grazing. General veterinary workers or permanent grazing can perform surgery.

According to different ages of the bull and the sheep, the cerclage can be performed with a total ligation or spermatic cord ligation, which is described as follows:

1. Baoding

Baoding was lying down, the sheep inverted Baoding.

Age and season of operation: The ram can be born from 1 week of age to an old ram; the bull can perform ligation surgery from 1 month old to old bulls, and can perform surgery all year round except for rainy days.

2. Operation

1 to 6 months old rams, 1 to 1 year old bulls can perform total lancing. The surgeon holds the spermatic cords with both hands and holds the upper and lower jaws. After disinfection, the testicles are squeezed to the bottom of the scrotum. The assistant firmly sterilizes the double-stranded sutures tightly and tightly at the lower 1/3 of the spermatic cord for several turns. Excessive force to avoid breaking the skin. Younger rams can also be tightened with rubber bands, and then sterilized after ligaturing.

Adult, old bulls and sheep can use spermatic cord ligation. The surgeon will sterilize the testis and spermatic cords, and then use the disinfected curved suture needle to put on the double-stranded 10th suture, piercing into the outer sheath of the spermatic cord, and circumscribing the spermatic cord around the needle at the needle (cutting the puncture The spermatic cord), the two lines firmly tied (knotted to be carried out slowly), will be disinfected after the end of the line into the skin, touch or tear the skin by hand, check whether there is implicated postoperative eye disinfection and rubbing can.

3. Precautions

The use of full-barrel surgery sometimes results in excessive force that causes damage to the epidermis and subsequent infection, requiring treatment according to the infection; the application of the tractive technique should be strictly sterilized by needles. At 2 to 3 days after surgery, the testicles become soft, gradually shrinking or dry necrosis and naturally fall off.

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