Broiler vaccine selection considerations

What issues do you need to pay attention to when choosing the right vaccine (including live vaccines and dead vaccines)? Select the type of vaccine Vaccine: For more than two immunizations, the vaccine used should be as different as possible. If IBD is immunized, the first use of B1, the second use of B2 or other types of vaccines will increase the coverage of vaccine immunity. Select the manufacturer to select the vaccine produced by the official manufacturer: note the packaging, production date, and expiration date. Such as MD seedlings, the best choice for large-dose packaging, that is, more than 1,500 birds per bottle. Moreover, it is best to transport during the winter and try to avoid the summer heat season transportation. Pay attention to the dose of vaccine used: Most vaccines do not need to be doubled, such as chicken pox, throat, poultry encephalomyelitis. The vaccines considered are inactivated in lyophilization, transport, storage, and loss of use methods. Some vaccines are often used in doubling doses, such as transmission, Bursa, Newcastle disease, and the like.

disinfection of mucous membrane : The process of killing or removing mucosal pathogenic microorganisms such as oral cavity, nasal cavity, vagina and external genitalia, and achieving disinfection requirements.

85ml, 100ml Benzalkonium Chloride Disinfectant Liquid household multifunctional antiseptic disinfectant

Widely used in homes, hospitals, schools, airports, stations and other places.

Oral Disinfectant

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