About seedling breeding technique method

The broodstock is selected for the breeding of quail species, the female quail should choose a body length of 35 cm or more, weighs 50 grams to 150 grams, there is a zona pellucida belly enlargement, genital hole inflamed species, there are eggs the best. The male and female should be selected for more than 55 cm long and weigh more than 150 grams. There are blood-streaked markings on the ventral surface, and the abdomen can be squeezed out of the transparent fluid. The microscopic examination can reveal the species of sperm. It is advisable to use 2 to 3 females with 1 male.
The oxytocosis can be used for inflating, increasing the amount of water exchange, adjusting the breeding density and providing high-quality bait and other measures. One-time injection of LRH-A is also possible. Females are given 10 micrograms per 50 grams of body weight and males are given 15 mg to 25 milligrams per tail. Males are given intrapleural injections 24 hours earlier than females. At the time of injection, the depth should not exceed 0.5 cm and the injection volume should not exceed 1 ml.
The artificial insemination is performed by holding the front of the female in one hand with a towel, and pressing the abdomen backward in the other hand. If the cloacal cavity is blocked, the cloaca can be cut and then the egg is squeezed out. The extruded egg is placed in a disinfected jar or basin. Kill the selected males, cut the testes, grind the testicles, wrap the cut testes with a 100-mesh sieve, squeeze the semen into the egg container, and stir for 5 minutes. Wash the testicles with blood to remove residuals and blood stains. The fertilized eggs are incubated in a temperature-controlled incubator or indoors. Regardless of the number of eggs, at least two or more males should be inseminated.
Temperature control of the incubation water depth of about 10 cm is appropriate, the middle should be frequently changing water, but the temperature should not exceed 4 °C. The higher the water temperature, the shorter the incubation time. It is advisable to use a concrete tank for the cultivation of fry. A small amount of manure water should be properly applied in the tank for the propagation of silkworms and the water surface should be stocked with water hyacinth and other aquatic reproductive materials. The fry stocking density is about 200 per square meter. After 1 month to 2 months, when the seedlings grow to about 10 cm, they can be moved to the rearing pond for rearing.

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