10 ways to identify sheep

First, look at the dynamics. Disease-free sheep often gather together whether they are eating or resting. When they rest, they are half-sided and they stand upright as soon as they approach. The appetite and ruminant degeneration of diseased sheep, grazing often fall out of the group, and various abnormal postures occur.

Second, listen to the sound. Healthy sheep give out loud and rhythmic cries. The height of the cry of the sick sheep often changes, and a stethoscope can be used to hear breathing, coughing, and bowel sounds.

Third, see rumination. The disease-free sheep started ruminating for 30-40 minutes after eating every 30 minutes, ruminating 6-8 times a day and night. The ruminants reduce or stop rumination.

Fourth, look hair color. Healthy sheep are clean, shiny and flexible. The diseased sheep are unkempt and dull.

Fifth, touch shofar. The disease-free sheep's horns are cool and their corners are gentle. The horns of the diseased horn are too cold or too hot.

Six, look at the sheep's eye. Healthy sheep's eyes are flexible, bright and fresh, clean and moist. The eyes of the sick sheep are bleak. The eyes are drowsy and the response is slow.

Seven, look at the ears. Disease-free sheep ears are often erect and flexible. The diseased sheep had low ear lobe, and the ear did not shake.

Eight, look at the tongue. Healthy sheep are pink and shiny, flexible, and normal tongue coating. Diseased sheep's tongue is not active, soft and weak, tongue coating is thin and light or thick and rough and dull.

Nine, look at the mouth. The oral mucosa of the disease-free sheep was pale red and felt warm hands without touching. The diseased ovary is cold and hot during the oral cavity, and the mucous membranes are white and dripping or flushing and have bad smell.

Ten, see the feces. Disease-free sheep's droppings are small and relatively dry. The bred sheep supplemented with concentrated material showed a soft mass and no odor. The urine is clear and colorless or slightly yellowish and regular. Sick sheep have no degree of urine, stool or thin or hard, or even stop, urine yellow or bloody.

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